Provo Open Tournament

The Provo Open Tournament is just around the corner! We will follow the same format as last year. In order for everyone to get the most possible games, we will be doing pool play, so you will play everyone in your pool regardless of wins and losses. The top finishers in each pool will play off to determine the winner.
Because of the pool play format, we will ensure that no player is scheduled on more than 2 days of the tournament, and most players will be able to complete all matches in a division on one day. This should greatly reduce your travel time.
We will not be providing hospitality this year, but we will be returning $10 from each entry fee in the form of cash to the top 4 finishers in each division. FOR EXAMPLE, if 20 people enter Men’s A, then there will be a $200 payout for that division with $100 going to the winner, $50 to second place, and $25 each going to the semifinalists.
The deadline for entries is October 13 at 11:50 p.m. The tournament dates are October 17th – October 19th . Cost will be $30 for the 1st event and $15 for the 2nd event. USRA membership is required.

ENTRY: You can enter online (if your membership is current) at or by contacting Paul Snyder at 801-636-6555 (text) or Be sure to include your name, phone, divisions entered, partner’s name and all conflicts.
PAYMENT: We CAN NOT accept credit cards. Please bring cash or check.
DEADLINE: Sunday, October 13th at 11:50 PM